5 Potential Health Benefits of Lemon Verbena

Lemon verbena contains several plant compounds, including verbascoside, that may protect your body against cell damage.

1. Potent source of therapeutic compounds

Although research is limited, some human studies suggest that lemon verbena supplements might help reduce oxidative stress and inflammatory markers in some people.

2. May reduce inflammation and oxidative stress

Studies in athletes have found that lemon verbena supplements may reduce exercise-induced muscle damage and muscle pain while also promoting recovery.

3. May benefit athletes

Lemon verbena may have sleep-enhancing effects. Limited animal research also suggests it could reduce anxiety. Still, research is limited at this time.

4. May improve sleep quality

According to some research in humans and rodents, lemon verbena may have anti-obesity effects. However, human research is limited, and more studies are needed.

5. Might have anti-obesity properties

You can use lemon verbena as an essential oil, in tea, or as an ingredient in dishes like soups and desserts. Check with your healthcare provider before taking any concentrated lemon verbena product like tinctures or extracts.

How to use lemon verbena