4 Men Accused Of Gang-Raping a LIZARD

Four men in India have been accused of gang-raping, killing, cooking and then eating a monitor lizard.

The men are in their 20s and 30s, and they appear to have done it for fun. There was no religious or black magic agenda.

During the investigation, the forest officials found that the accused had allegedly raped a Bengal monitor lizard.

In India Lizard's Blood is used as a traditional cure for asthma

Monitor lizards are not only endangered in India but they are also a protected species under federal law.

People who interfere with the animal can be sent to jail for up to seven years.

Not only is this cruel, but there is a risk of zoonotic diseases from this kind of case. There are concerns of men carrying STDs and other infections from their act.

Most recent cases of sexual abuse against animals include a man raping and killing a pregnant goat in southern India, and a 60-year-old man raping a female stray dog last year.

Manually surveilling over 1,000 square kilometres of reserve area is challenging for forest guards, but there are plans of deploying a new special protection force.