21 Spring Break Road Trips That Are Scenic from Start to Finish

Distance from Little Rock: 54.6 miles (about an hour)

Hot Springs, Arkansas

Distance from Portland: 47 miles (about an hour)

McMinnville, Oregon

Distance from Dallas: 492 miles (almost 8 hours)

New Orleans, Louisiana

Distance from Miami: 68 miles (1 hour and 15 minutes)

Key Largo, Florida

Distance from Chicago: 245 miles (less than 4 hours)

Door County, Wisconsin

Distance from Phoenix: 512 miles (less than 8 hours)

Ruidoso, New Mexico

Distance from Los Angeles: 94 miles (less than 2 hours)

Carlsbad, California

Distance from Seattle: 263 miles (less than 5 hours)

Mt. Hood, Oregon

Distance from Houston: 374 miles (5.5 hours)

South Padre Island, Texas