10 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

Great Pyrenees

Just last week, I heard a little kid say, “Dad look at that big dog. It’s as big as a horse!” The kid’s right.

Basset hound

Admit it, you’re kind of surprised to find me on this list. I have a reputation for being lackadaisical, preferring to be a spectator of life instead of an active participant.


Back in 1932, an Akita named Hachiko stole everyone’s heart after he sat at a Tokyo train station every day, waiting for his master, who never returned.


I don’t mean to humblebrag, but if you’re looking for the most loyal dog breed, I’m known for being “profoundly loyal, “thank you very much.


My robust and muscular frame makes me look more like a bouncer at that hip new dog park in the city. I may look intimidating and mean, but I’m not.


If I had a dog biscuit for everyone who says, “you look just like Lassie,” my mom would never have to buy them again.


I’ve got a fast fact for you. Did you know that boxers were one of the first breeds used as police and military dogs?

St. Bernard

Cue the Swiss Yodeling…the original search and rescue dog is here! People are ecstatic to see me if they’re stranded in the snow-covered mountains.

German shepherd

Faithful, dedicated, and a workaholic, some might say. My German dog breed is well-known for its unfailing and tireless service for the police and military.

Labrador retriever

Hey there! Can I lick your ice cream cone? Can we see your friends with the kids who drop food? Oh wait, can we see my buds at the dog park?