20 Best White Flowers for Your Garden

Pollinators adore the tiny blooms of sweet alyssum; you'll adore the honey-sweet scent.

Sweet Alyssum

What's sunnier than the bright, happy faces of daisies? These perennials are hardy souls, and they offer weeks and weeks of summer color. Pollinators love them! They need full sun.

Shasta Daisy

Cascading blooms of this annual will fill your planter in cool weather; newer types tolerate more heat, but still don’t bloom best when nighttime temps stay in the 70s.


Azaleas are a sure sign that spring has arrived. Many new varieties of this shrub are more cold-tolerant, so you can grow them farther north. They need mostly sun. Make sure to choose one for your USDA Hardiness zone.


So many peonies, so little time! This shrubby perennial plant with glossy, dark green foliage has lush scented flowers that rule all the others in the garden in May and early June.


Tons of teeny flowers that resemble baby snapdragons flourish from spring to fall without deadheading (removing spent blooms).


Need some early season color? Like its namesake, these shrubs have showy clusters of bell-shaped flowers that dangle from the arching branches in late winter to early spring. Lily of the valley needs mostly shade.

Lily of the Valley Shrub

These annuals are totally low-maintenance garden because they bloom all summer with zero effort from you. Their trailing habit makes them a natural for baskets and window boxes. Fan flowers like full sun.

Fan Flower

Your garden needs at least one rose bush! New shrub or landscape types are more cold-hardy and disease-resistant, and they bloom all summer, well into fall. Roses need full sun.


Old varieties of this annual required deadheading to keep blooming, but new hybrids bloom all season without any fussing on your part. Trailing or double varieties are especially lovely in window boxes and hanging baskets. Petunias need full sun.


Glossy green leaves and creamy white flowers highlight this pretty, old-fashioned garden favorite. Most varieties of this shrub bloom from late spring to early summer.


This trailing annual has tiny, round flowers that seem to thrive on neglect. Combine them in a mixed planter with more upright flowers for most impact. Bacopa bloom all the way until frost and like mostly sun.