10 Uncomfortably Odd Stories Of Exotic Pets

The Naked Hoarder

John Pilotti Jr.’s response to Fox 29 reporter Chris O’Connell seemed downright feral.

The Birthday Gift

Camel expert Chris Hill unequivocally concluded that the animal had carnal intentions. Camel connoisseur Paddy McHugh suggested that the animal was “in season” and treated Weaver like a competing male.

Huff’s Apartment

In January 2002, Ronald Huff’s coworkers and relatives began placing worried calls to the cops. The 42-year-old Martin Oldsmobile employee had complained of feeling unwell to his grandmother one Sunday and had to miss a day of work.

The Pet Store

Florida-based Ben Siegel Reptiles Inc. has undoubtedly hosted a fair number of cold-blooded and occasionally bloodcurdling creatures.

The Other Daughter

According to Annie Butor, Pepee had everything a little girl could want: her own room, toys, parents who doted on her, and virtual immunity from punishment.

The Dubious Dog Bite

Antoine Yates’s seventh-floor apartment reeked of pee, the same liquid which drenched the windowsills of his downstairs neighbor, Wanda Tompkins, in the summertime.

Thor And Thunder

It sounds like the setup to an obscure joke: A supposed spy touting a JFK conspiracy theory sees a homeopathic animal doctor about his Siberian tigers.

The Vet

In September 2006, Amanda De La Garza of Texas succumbed to the siren song of a tiny cockatiel at a PetSmart. The bird became a colorful fixture at her Corpus Christi home, which she shared with her father, Joe.

Neverland’s Aftermath

Fans of the late Michael Jackson likely recall that his child-friendly Neverland Ranch was a veritable zoo of beasts that included tigers, alligators, crocodiles, zebras, birds, giraffes

The Last Apology

In 2015, police in Austin, Texas, spent three suspense-filled days tracking down Grant Thompson’s suspected killer.