10 Unbelievable Stories About Vladimir Putin

As Putin influence has grown, intriguing stories have come out about him. Besides his public career, Putin has lived a life more unusual than anyone could wish to have.

Putin’s Chronic Tardiness

In 2013, Pope Francis made his first visit to Russia. There, he was supposed to meet Vladimir Putin, but something strange happened. For 50 minutes, Pope Francis simply waited. Finally, Putin arrived after making the Pope wait for almost one hour. This isn’t an isolated incident for Putin. According to journalists, Putin regularly runs hours late for press meetings and other public appearances.

Putin Might Be The Richest Man In The World

Since Putin is the most powerful person in Russia, it stands to reason that he has a standard of living far above the average citizen. Even so, it appears that he has a personal fortune which is mind-blowing: $200 billion.

Putin’s Palace

In addition to any monetary riches, another lavish secret was uncovered about Putin: his $1 billion estate on the Black Sea coast. It was originally envisioned as a modest summer home but eventually evolved into a modern-day palace.

Putin’s Shadowy Marriage And Divorce

In 2013, Putin announced that he was divorcing Lyudmila, his wife of almost 30 years. It came as a surprise to many because few knew that he was married. Only the Russian elite and Western journalists knew any details about the union.

Putin Drank A Ukrainian National Treasure

When Putin first invaded the Ukrainian region of Crimea, there was international outrage. However, he was allowed to annex the territory and soon had complete control. This understandably angered the people of Ukraine.

Putin May Have Stolen A Super Bowl Ring

In 2005, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was visiting Russia and met Vladimir Putin. There, it was believed that he gave Putin his Super Bowl XXXIX ring. While this was the official story for many years, Kraft eventually decided to tell the real story about what happened to his $25,000 iconic ring: Putin stole it.

Putin The Musician

Putin’s Crusade Against Food

Putin’s Love Of American Literature

Putin The Animal Lover