10 Super Cute Hairstyles for Black Girls

Do you remember decorating your hair with beads as a child? Incorporating beads into braided styles holds cultural significance, and is a stylish way to elevate the classic style.

Beaded Braids

Asia Monet Ray is showing off the perfect protective style for your pre-teen. Box braids can be worn for up to six weeks and can help give the hair a break from heat, excessive styling and sun exposure.

Box Braids

If you’re looking for a style that will last throughout the school week then bantu knots are perfect no matter your daughter’s age. Bantu knots, which originated from the Zulu tribe of South Africa, is an easy protective style that can last up to a week.

Bantu Knots

One of the easiest and quickest styles to do at home is pigtails. If you have no braiding techniques or you’re just short on time, pigtails are an easy go-to style in the mornings.


If your daughter is under the age of two, don't overly manipulate her hair. Instead after washing your baby girl's hair, add a little extra virgin coconut oil while it's still wet to lock in moisture.

Baby Bow

If you're looking for a cute hairstyle for your young daughter, get some inspiration from Blue Ivy Carter. These Black girl braids are perfect and because there are only six, they won't take super long to achieve.

Braided Locks

It may seem hard to find cute hairstyles for teenage girls, but Skai Jackson is showing us how! This sleek ponytail is an easy braided style created by solely braiding the ponytail (or buying a pre-braided box braid ponytail), leaving you with time to style her edges in a fun way.

Braided Updo

Marsai Martin’s fun updo scores big points and is easy to replicate. Haven’t mastered the art of smooth edges? Grab a soft bristle brush along with your favorite edge control product and you’re ahead of the curve!

Sleek Updo

Most girls love a princess-inspired look. Try adding a modern twist as Faith Herman does here by adding a bit more texture to a traditional top-bun updo. Two-strand twists or simple braids work to elevate a simple look.

Twisted Up-Bun

Hands down one of the simplest styles to replicate, Eris Baker embellishes her hair with just the right baubles. Fluff and tease your daughter’s strands while securing each puff with a floral rhinestone barrette.

Adorned Puffs