10 Sounds That Animals Make That Are Just Creepy


Walruses can create a whole bunch of different kinds of noises.Walruses can create grunts, growls, barks, whistles, clicks, taps, and more.


Another animal with a downright creepy sound is a cougar. Cougar wails have been compared to the sounds of children (or adult women) screaming in terror.


Piranhas are capable of making three distinctly different noises. When a piranha enters into an altercation or confrontation, it will make a barking noise


Koalas also have an extra pair of vocal folds near their larynx. This allows them to create a deep, bellowing sound.


The first sound made by the Smoky Jungle Frog is a defense mechanism. Though these large amphibians are quick and can jump far, when they do get caught, they have a backup plan.


Porcupines often scream to attract mates during the summer mating season (I can think of another species that does that too—but it usually involves beer).

Male Red Deer

Red stags are beautiful and iconic animals. Complete with a huge set of horns, male red deer are an impressive sight.


Ostriches are typically pretty quiet. Male ostriches, however, can inflate their necks with air (while keeping their mouths closed) and create a rumbling sound that echoes for miles.


Cheetahs vocalize in three unique ways. They create gurgling or purring sounds, chirp, and hiss. Interestingly, cheetahs aren’t able to roar.

Great Blue Heron

Interestingly, this ancient-looking bird is almost always silent. However, when it does make noise, it’s going to creep you out.