10 Sneakiest Animal Attacks

Assassin Bug vs Spider

Spiders are superbly adapted predators. They dominate their little worlds with their quick movements, venomous attacks, and subtle senses. Generally any little bug that blunders into a spider’s web is in for a bad time.


Anglerfish are notably ugly animals. This doesn’t much matter to them as they live in the darkest parts of the ocean. In the pitch black regions of the ocean there is not only no one to see them.

Photuris firefly

Watching the bioluminescent dance of fireflies in a twilight wood is one of the most beautiful sights in nature. While their displays may spark romantic feelings in humans they do the same in other fireflies.

Livingstone’s Cichlids

Playing dead can be a great defence mechanism. Some animals will only eat live prey so to not die prey sometimes pretend to already be dead.

Bolas Spider

Some animals are not only sneaky predators they are also sneaky prey. For some species of Bolas spider they have evolved to look exactly like a pile of bird droppings.

Net-casting spider

Spider webs are generally stationary objects. You might therefore scoff at animals that have been foolish enough to get caught in them.


Frogfish are pretty strange looking fish – because they often look like almost anything other than a fish. They are generally small and stocky with fins that are muscular and act like legs to allow them to walk across the seabed.

Puff adder tongues

You would not think that a deadly venomous snake would have to put much effort into sneaking. Surely they just bite their prey and sit back to enjoy their meal.

False Cleanerfish

Cleaner fish are some of the nicest creatures in the ocean. They perform a vital service for larger fish. When a large fish finds itself crawling with parasites a cleaner fish with swoop in and eat the damaging little creatures.

Assassin Bug vs Ants

Social insects like ants and bees are masters of recognising who belongs in their nests and hives. Using smell alone they can identify other members of their collective.