10 Frequently Kept Animals That Often Make Nightmarish Pets


Chameleons are fascinating animals to most people and it’s no surprise that they’d be a beloved animal in the pet trade, their reputation among keepers.


Highly social and intelligent, in fact, one of the smartest and most social animals on the planet, parrots generally require a ton of time and attention.

Old World Tarantulas

While to some, or, let’s be honest, many people, the notion of keeping a spider as a pet would already be enough to land them on this list

Highly Venomous and Constrictor Snakes

Keeping a lethally venomous snake or a constrictor snake may obviously be a bad idea to most readers here, similar to reading about someone advising you against keeping a shark or a lion.


After defensive spiders and potentially lethal snakes, goldfish may seem like extremely mundane pet choices, often gifted to children as easy first pets.

Giant Centipedes

The same thought that many felt with tarantulas may very well rise up again with giant centipedes, and, fittingly, the two are quite similar, except for the fact that giant centipedes are like Old World tarantulas


Certainly a very broad category of animals, reptiles as a whole certainly deserve a spot on this list, though, before reptile lovers gasp in horror


Adorable, intelligent, curious, highly social, and an animal that’s sometimes trained, bred, and used specifically for hunting, these wonderful creatures may live to be a decade old.

Birds of Prey

The dream of having a pet owl, eagle, or falcon has captivated many who rightly find them to be quite incredible.


Iguanas, particularly green iguanas, are another example of frequently kept animals that simply should not be kept by most people.