10 Best Inventions For Dog Owners

PetPeek Fence Window

Let’s face it. Your dog loves to have a better look at the other side of the fence. It’s the equivalent of a canine accomplishment.

Kurgo Car Zip Line Harness

If your puppy is especially feisty, they might hop onto the front passenger seat or even wiggling onto your lap as you drive.

Frostybowlz Chilled Water Bowl

Everyone hates drinking warm water, your dog included. A chilled drink makes all the difference.

SafetyFirst Universal Car Window Travel Vent


Playtime can be tiresome for dog owners, but luckily dogs can have great fun all on their own with a little incentive.

LESYPET Leash with Umbrella

It’s not as though dogs mind getting rained on all that much, but you’ll have to dry them when you get back from a walk.


If there ever was an invention that dogs celebrated, it’s the automated ‘fetch’ robot that gave respite to tired human arms.

Furbo High-Tech Treat-Tossing Dog Camera


Dog owners need a solution when they aren’t around to take their pets out to go to the bathroom themselves.

Haptic Feedback Harness

Haptic feedback harnesses for seeing-eye dogs have jumped off the ol’ drawing board. A blind dog owner himself, Sean Marlin, lead author of the research paper on the experimental harness.