10 Best and Brightest Outdoor Solar Lights

These decorative solar lights are the perfect way to illuminate a path or give your garden a subtle glow in the evenings and night.

Solar Powered Lights

Compatible with Ring Bridge or newer Echo models, the Ring solar floodlight provides motion-detection while also connecting to your home's smart system, enabling users to turn lights on and off by just saying the word.

Ring Solar Floodlight

Spotlights can add an attractive ambiance when shining on plants or decoration throughout your garden or highlight your home to passerby, particularly during the holiday season.

Solar Black LED Spotlight

We love the gentle glow fairy lights provide when hung up around a porch or patio, but they're not your best option if you're looking for a light that will provide plenty of brightness.

Outdoor Solar String Lights

If you're looking for more of a typical string light, then this is the option you'll want for your home. This one-strand string light is 50 feet in length and has 16 bulbs total, so it spans a decent distance.

Outdoor String Lights

Inexpensive security lights can be hard to come by, but these fill the bill—and in a two-pack, at that. These motion-detecting lights feature a 120-degree movement sensing range and 270-degree light range.

Security Lights

In-ground lights are fixed to the ground through stakes and lay flush with grass or other garden covering, projecting light upwards. They are great for adding ambiance to your garden in the evenings or even as path lights for directing guests.

Solar Ground Lights

Filled with solar-powered fairy lights, this decorative lantern is not just a source of light but also a gorgeous decorative piece for your porch.

Outdoor Hanging Light

Deck lights aren't just aesthetically pleasing, they can also help prevent trips and falls for you or your guests. This option includes two different install methods, either using an adhesive patch or screws for a more secure fit.

Outdoor Solar Powered Deck Light

Even if your home isn't wired for mounted front door lights, that doesn't mean you can't have them! This mounted lantern can be secured by either the side or the bottom, giving it a variety of uses and locations.

Multi-Mount Lantern Head