Mets Need Culture Change From Top to Bottom

New York Mets starting pitcher Steven Matz leaves the baseball game during the fourth inning against the New York Yankees on Thursday, Aug. 17, 2017, in New York.

The New York Mets just got swept by the New York Yankees in the Subway Series and the Yankees were poking fun at the Mets on Twitter. Considering the Mets were supposed to be the better New York team in 2017  it stings that it turned out to be the opposite. The Yankees record is now 65-55 and they currently hold the first wild card spot in the American League.

As for the Mets, their record is 53-66. They are in fourth place in the National League East. The pitchers and other players have been hurt during the season and the Mets just didn’t have enough heart to replace it. On paper, the Mets seemed to be a playoff team in 2017, but obviously, they have to fix things heading into 2018.

The Wilpons’s should sell the Mets. They are too cheap and need new owners. Sandy Alderson has made some boneheaded decisions at general manager this season. Trading Jay Bruce for basically nothing was a joke. They should have gotten more prospects from the Lucas Duda trade with the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Mets don’t have enough batting prospects in their farm system. They have a lot of pitching, but you can’t win games in the big leagues with just scoring one or two runs a game.

From a game perspective for the Mets in 2017, it has looked like recently the Mets have quit playing and that’s why Terry Collins needs to be let go at the end of the season. His contract is up at the end of the season anyways. During the game last night, they gave up a bunt for a hit to Luis Severino. What does that say? The effort is just not there.

Also before the game on Wednesday night, Wilmer Flores and Jose Reyes were injured during pre-game warmups. Ray Rameriz has been the Mets trainer for a while and it seems like a lot of players get hurt every year under him. Also, I can’t stand when Mets fans say to keep the general manager and manager in 2018. We keep saying injuries are the reason why they fail to meet expectations and it is time to stop it’s nothing more than an excuse for this team. Championship teams overcome injuries and don’t complain about it. Also, so what does Terry Collins do when Flores and Reyes can’t play? He switches Asdrubal Cabrera and Travis d’Arnaud every inning between third and second base.

That is a joke. Collins has also made boneheaded moves as a manager with the bullpen. He cost the Mets the first game of the Subway Series because of that. Collins sent out Hansel Robles for a second-inning and he gave up a homerun in the eighth-inning in a tie game.

They also don’t play enough small ball. Amed Rosario needs to be batting leadoff because he is the future leadoff hitter. Curtis Granderson should not be batting leadoff. Granderson, Cabrera, and Reyes are all free-agents at the end of the season and they probably won’t be brought back.

The Mets need to consider hiring Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Railriders manager Al Pedrique in the offseason. They are the Triple-A affiliate of the New York Yankees. All he does is win. Pedrique won the Triple-A championship last season. He is on the verge of possibly doing that again this season, possibly in their own ball park.

Pedrique has made no-name players into solid players and they have even been called up to the majors because of it. He also manages the game rather well and they play hard for him. This is what the Mets are missing. A manager who will make them play hard no matter how talented they are.

Baseball is a team game and not an individual game.  The Mets seem to play for themselves and not for one another. In order to win a championship, teams need to play for one another and not be selfish.

The Mets haven’t won a World Series since 1986 and their fan base is sick of it. Also, pitching coach Dan Warthen needs to go because it has seemed like the pitchers have lost confidence. The next several games for the Mets features good teams. Miami Marlins (3x), Arizona Diamondbacks (4x), Washington Nationals (4x), Cincinnati Reds (3x), and Houston Astros (3x). If they don’t win half of these games, it will show the Mets true colors in 2017 and it would improve their chances of a top five to ten pick.

The Mets also didn’t play with enough swagger and they also lacked leadership. David Wright being injured is a big deal from a leadership standpoint and he will probably retire at the end of the season. He should be one of the Mets coaches in 2018.

Do you want to know who would be a good clubhouse leader but I don’t think his baseball skill would translate onto the field at the major league level? Tim Tebow. Here’s why: He works hard every single day and shows up with a positive attitude. Tebow was a quarterback at the University of Florida and led them to two national titles. You don’t win two national titles for no reason without being a leader.

That is one of his strengths. Maybe his positive vibe would jump start the team, but it is questionable if he will even reach that level. He is currently in High-A St. Lucie.  For 2018, the Mets need a new manager, general manager, pitching coach, and trainers with different philosophies and a different attitude if they hope to start truly competing.

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