Marvin Lewis Signs Contract Extension with Bengals to Remain Head Coach

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Despite missing the playoffs for the past two seasons, the Cincinnati Bengals have signed head coach Marvin Lewis to a two-year contract extension through 2019  after the fact that there were reports that he wasn’t going to return at the end of the season. I guess winning in week 16 against the Detroit Lions (26-17) and week 17 on the road against the Baltimore Ravens (31-27) saved his job. Or is it the fact that Bengals owner Mike Brown doesn’t want change.

The Bengals have a lot of talent and they could win a championship with the talent that’s on the roster. The problem is Marvin Lewis doesn’t discipline his players and should have been fired after the Pittsburgh Steelers debacle in the playoffs two years ago.

Lewis has coached with the Bengals for the past 15 seasons and his record is 125-112-3. Lewis has been to the postseason seven times and they haven’t won a playoff game. That’s the most mind boggling thing out of all of this. Marvin Lewis is 59 years old and they should just sign him to a life contract at this point. I guess the Bengals are okay with mediocrity and they will never get to the next level with Lewis at the helm and it will be more years that go by without a possible playoff win in his coaching career, even if they get there.

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