Is Ryan Reaves the Reason why the Pittsburgh Penguins are Losing?


Ryan Reaves

The Pittsburgh Penguins have lost depth on the third and fourth line this past offseason and it is clearly showing right now. Ryan Reaves was acquired in a trade from the St. Louis Blues this past offseason. He is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season and Reaves has $1.125 million in his contract.

With the things are shaping up right now, getting Reaves has proven to be a monster mistake for the Penguins. Reaves was brought here to protect Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, but it is time for Pittsburgh to end this experiment. Pittsburgh has lost their last four out of five games. They haven’t had much puck luck.

Reaves has only scored one goal and recorded two assists in 33 games this season. His plus/minus is -6. Reaves’s stats will not help this team win a championship. It isn’t an accident that the St. Louis Blues are a much better this season without him.

Reaves only played 5 minutes last night. Daniel Sprong should be called up and he would be more effective than him or scratch him and put Tom Kuhnhackl in the lineup. Pittsburgh wouldn’t be in the playoffs right now if the season ended today. Reaves doesn’t have much to his game other than fighting. He is a big and physical guy, but Reaves doesn’t fit the Pittsburgh Penguins scheme.

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2 thoughts on “Is Ryan Reaves the Reason why the Pittsburgh Penguins are Losing?

  1. I have to be honest with you, a 4th liner (Reaves) who plays 5 minutes a night isn’t the issue here. 5 minutes of ice time isn’t even enough to make an impact. This falls on the 3rd line, it is getting barely any production whatsoever. Every year the Pens have won they had 3 solid centers, Staal, Bonino, and obviously Crosby and Malkin. Riley Sheahan and or Carter Rowney just aren’t cutting it, they’re both basically 4th line players. The Penguins still need to figure out how to acquire a competent 3rd line center to take the pressure off of the top two lines. People need to stop placing blame on Reaves. He does his job, he isn’t here to put up points.

  2. I agree with you. I just think that another speedy scorer could play other than Reaves. They’re also bad on defense too.

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