UVD Robots can kill Coronavirus partially and are much needed to Chinese

Coronavirus isn't stopping anytime soon. And to stop it from spreading further, governments, doctors and the public are doing everything they could. Yet, the novel thing has claimed over 1,000 deaths and infected tens of thousands of people as...
Best VPN Deals 2020

VPN Deals 2020, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, PureVPN, IPVanish

Heard of VPNs? Probably bevvy of online censorships and secure connections. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to have a secure connection all over the internet. It hides or masks your IP address with their thousands of servers...

Researchers new breakthrough makes 100 GBPS internet possible in near future

New discoveries are always exciting. Today we found a team from University of Nottingham who leveraged the Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL), the latest development in Terahertz frequency technology to make high-frequency modulations. While this breakthrough can have many possibilities,...

Sony withdraws from MWC 2020, joining LG, Nvidia, Amazon

Here's the big one giving up. Sony has just announced its withdrawal plans from the grand MWC event in Barcelona this month. This move was announced via a notice on its website. Citing coronavirus as the reason, Sony confirmed...

How Coronavirus is affecting the global tech Industry?

The outburst of Novel Coronavirus is evidently affecting everyone, directly and indirectly. If you think only the Chinese are battling against it, corporates around the world too are having a tough time. Companies based in China or outsiders who...
Reddit Down

Reddit down – 503, 504 Gateway Time-out on the user’s screen

Reddit is hit right now. All the users are getting the 503 or 504 Gateway time Out error on their screen. Some of the users get the message "Our CDN was unable to reach our servers". Page loading taking...

First Ever Living Robots Are Created By Scientists Through Frog Stem Cells

Genetic engineering is evolving with new inventions. Creation of artificial organisms, genetic editing etc are few leaps taken in recent years. While the inventions are of either first-time eurekas or mere developments over existing means, this new invention is...

Researchers Conclude The Wildfires As In Australia Will Be Common In Futur

Australian Bushfires are marked as one of the worst wildfires in the world's history. The catastrophe burned over 15 million acres and killed more than a billion animals. And researchers now say that these kinds of wildfires will be...