Assessing LiAngelo Ball’s NBA Future After Withdrawal From UCLA

LiAngelo Ball

In a bit of shocking news on Monday, it was announced LiAngelo Ball will not be returning to UCLA after his father LaVar Ball pulled him out of the university. It is said that LaVar believed the suspension stemming from the shoplifting incident LiAngelo was involved in was unfair and as a result, LiAngelo will leave the school before playing even one regular season game for the team.

While LiAngelo Ball has never been looked at as favorably as Lonzo Ball or even LaMelo Ball as a prospect, this move certainly hurts his NBA chances. A below-average athlete that struggled defensively in high school, there was a chance that LiAngelo wouldn’t even be drafted, especially after the incident in China, but now, it would be a surprise if he ever gets a chance at the next level.

Say what you want about the Ball family antics off the court, the fact is Lonzo and LaMelo are both very gifted players with Lonzo a promising prospect for the Los Angeles Lakers and LaMelo showing dominant scoring ability in high school. LiAngelo was never that type of prospect, though coming into the season, it seemed there was a good chance he would at least get an opportunity in the NBA. However, following this move to stop attending UCLA before even suiting up for the team in a game that counts, it would be nothing short of shocking if the middle Ball child has an NBA future.

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