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Discord down: Server connection issues hit chat service

Discord Down right Now. This huge outage hit the Chat service at 7:20 AM today. The issue was first reported by the down detector from Okla at their twitter as well as their official website. The servicer users commenting on the...
Reddit Down

Reddit down – Due to outage Users getting 503, 504 Gateway Time-out

Reddit is hit right now. All the users are getting the 503 or 504 Gateway time Out error on their screen. Some of the users get the message "Our CDN was unable to reach our servers". Page loading taking...
Reddit Down

Reddit Down: Our CDN was unable to reach our servers Error

Reddit Outage: Reddit is currently down, its second time in the month of September. Too many users are facing the Login issue in the Reddit. Due to this Users are getting Our CDN was unable to reach out servers error....
Instagram Down

Instagram down, Sorry, something went wrong error

Instagram is down right now. Due to Outage Photos and videos are not loading properly. Facebook which is the parent company of Instagram also facing the outage issue. Users are getting Something went wrong error due to the outage. Some...
SEMrush Black Friday Cyber Monday

SEMrush Black Friday 2020 Deals and Cyber Monday Discount Coupon

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two days everyone awaits for throughout the year. All the savings you made will be flowing towards unavoidable purchases on just these days. And on this eve, popular digital marketing service SEMRush offers...
Steam is Down

Steam Down, Outage affect Gamer in all Region

Steam Down, Most of Gamers Facing the issue in all Region. According to the Down Detector, there is a spike in the Down report from all over the world. Gamers or users are commenting on twitter and some forums about this...
Best VPN Deals 2020

Best VPN Deals 2020 Free, Cheap and Lifetime offers

Heard of VPNs? Probably bevy of online censorships and secure connections. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to have a secure connection all over the internet. It hides or masks your IP address with thousands of...
tiktok down

TikTok Down, due to outage Users are not able to open the app

TikTok is down right now. Video makers and artists are getting troubles while using the app. The first outage was reported by the Down Detector 1:54 AM EST. The users are not able to open the app. Some of the...